Folded Square Wreath or Candle Mat Workshop

February 17th saw the first of our scheduled in-house workshops. This technique seemed very popular on the internet coming up to Christmas. It is based on a 30 degree wedge, so not difficult to work out a template. Although there appear to be some free printable one's available, I wanted participants to be able to adjust the size, so I worked out a template for use with different sized squares. I kept the design simple, as there are plenty of pictures, instructions and commercial patterns for more complicated designs on the internet. I included links to some of these in the instructions, should anyone want to try something more adventurous.

 These were the examples for the workshop, click link for instructions.

Blue sample using 3 inch sqaures, Christmas sample using 4 inch squares

The fabrics chosen were as varied as the participants. Several people completed their wreath taking them home to add embellishments. Others were well under way with the project and may well have them finished for the next QoS meeting.

CH chose pretty Japanese style pale blue flowers with navy backing and silver beads using 3 inch squares

Two lovely flower prints with coordinating backing from MT and SH, both using 3 inch squares

LE chose a sophisticated grey colour scheme, again using 3 inch squares

 JA chose some Halloween prints for her 3 inch squares
Another sophisticated colour palette with gold accents from HC, again using 3 inch squares. it will be embellished with gold beads.

GP chose a lovely warm gold and brown scheme using 6 inch squares.
 This project should take 6 to 8 hours to complete if you are a competent stitcher.